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Lupus LA is now an official charity of the "Combined Federal Campaign (CFC)"

If you, or someone you know, works for the federal government, the military, or the U.S. Postal Service, designate Lupus LA as a charity of choice for CFC donations!

CFC #30637

Fuel discoveries with every paycheck.

For the first time ever, Lupus LA is an official charity of the “Combined Federal Campaign (CFC).” Every Fall, all federal and U.S. Postal employees participate in the Combined Federal Campaign and allocate a portion of their pay checks to a selection of pre-approved charities.

This means that you, or anyone else you know who works for the federal government, military or U.S. Postal Service, can designate $10, $20, $50, or another portion of your biweekly paycheck as a donation to innovative lupus research at Lupus LA.

Designate your CFC contribution to Lupus LA by using our CFC code number – #30637.

CFC #30637

Please forward this page today to family and friends (use the "share" link at the top of the page), as CFC Campaigns have started across the country and around the world.

(Here’s a trick if you’re not sure—see who in your email address book has a “.gov” extension!)

And if you’re not a federal or U.S. Postal Service employee, see if your workplace conducts a United Way or workplace charitable campaign for which you can designate a gift to Lupus LA. Many do.

Our efforts combined can find a cure!