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Team Broadus Joins Lupus LA in Fighting for Lupus Awareness and a Cure

As with so many families, when Cori Broadus was first diagnosed with the disease, her family had never heard of the illness—and was also startled to learn that they are among so many African Americans and other minorities affected.   

Difficult Diagnosis, Determined Parents

As many as 1 in 5 people with lupus develop the disease in the first two decades of life. Cori was just six years old.

Her mom, Shante, took her to one of Lupus LA’s pediatric support groups at Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles.

Several months later, having found a safe and supportive home for her steely resolve to find better treatments and a cure for Cori and others with lupus, Shante officially made Lupus LA her charity cause.

Watch Snoop, Shante, and Cori talk about their fight against lupus on The View!

A Powerful Ally for the Lupus Cause

Shante was among the top fundraisers for Team Life Without Lupus,
the first-ever lupus team for the LA Marathon!

Shante’s company, Boss Lady Entertainment, sponsored the first
“Get Lucky for Lupus” Poker tournament in February.

Shante and husband Snoop Dogg joined nearly 600 others at May’s Lupus LA Orange Ball. Just by being there, they elevated the stature of the event
and increased media attention to the cause.

In July 2010, Shante officially joined the Board of Directors of Lupus LA.

“Our cause is all the stronger because of you, Team Broadus!”

Photo: Justin Stephens




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